The Happy List

It makes me indescribably happy that the following things exist:

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 10.16.23 AM

  1. The color yellow (obviously)
  2. Barb’s Bakery in Northport, MI
  3. Google Flights map view
  4. Outdoor showers
  5. Latinoil hair treatment (Mayan chia goodness that works miracles and smells great)
  6. Books and documentaries related to criminology (highly recommend this one)
  7. The Washington Capitals
  8. Swedish candy (Sockerbit in NYC makes a valiant effort, but nothing beats the real deal in an ICA aisle)
  9. Train rides
  10. Chick-Fil-A sauce (I’ve always maintained that nuggets, waffle fries, CFA sauce and a peach milkshake would be my last meal of choice)
  11. Erin Condren Life Planners
  12. Combing through Craigslist for furniture
  13. AIRBNB!
  14. Atlases (or really any maps… I’m occupied for hours)
  15. Bonfires
  16. The University of Pennsylvania
  17. When you turn off the motor on a sailboat and you cruise along in complete silence
  18. Eating solo at restaurants
  19. Wearing a bright lipstick
  20. Oysters
  21. Any literature about China
  22. The city of New Orleans
  23. Hiking in a totally remote area
  24. Watercolor paintings
  25. Lemon water
  26. Les Mills Body Pump classes
  27. Beachside bungalows
  28. Gregory Alan Isakov’s music
  29. Broccoli with parmesan
  30. Any Real Housewives series
  31. DOGS!
  32. Morning workouts at the beach
  33. A fresh gel manicure
  34. Breakfast at Dishoom in London (bottomless chai, bacon egg and naan rolls…)
  35. Summer in New York City
  36. A glass of wine after a shower at the beach
  37. Reading the New York Times
  38. Green tea/really any tea
  39. Family sing alongs (weddings, bonfires, the huge Greene fam brings the James Taylor with acoustic accompaniment)
  40. Planning an itinerary for a brand new place
  41. Yoga inversions
  42. Lobster rolls
  43. Checking off boxes in my EC planner
  44. Finishing a running race
  45. Road trips
  46. Egg white spinach and cheese on a wheat wrap from Lyn’s food truck at 36th and Spruce in Philadelphia
  47. Fancy brunches with jazz and mimosas
  48. Lay’s Salt and Vinegar chips
  49. Baseball hats (I have my eye on this one from Aviate Brands)
  50. Any excuse to wear a long dress