The Life List

Because that’s slightly less morbid than “bucket.”

Updated semi-regularly from the list I keep in my iPhone notes 🙂

  1. Stay in Ocean House Rhode Island.
  2. Go to Mauritius.
  3. Spend a week in the Stockholm archipelago in the summer months (Midsommar festival, 24 hours of sunlight, sailing, ahhh).
  4. Live in four different countries for at least three months each.
  5. Backpack through strenuous terrain and camp for multiple days (Grand Canyon Bright Angel Trail to South Kaibab Trail?)
  6. Live out of a backpack for over a month.
  7. Meet Barack Obama.
  8. Attend a film festival.
  9. Paddle boat on the tidal basin in DC.
  10. Ride in a hot air balloon.
  11. Go shark cage diving in Gaansbai.
  12. Abseil over the side of a mountain.
  13. Live on a boat for a week.
  14. Scuba dive.
  15. Have a white or yellow convertible.
  16. See Hamilton on Broadway.
  17. Do yoga every day for three weeks straight.
  18. Go to a White House Correspondents’ Dinner (hey, a girl can dream!)
  19. Take a photography class.
  20. Hike Tongariro Crossing in New Zealand.
  21. Participate in a yoga retreat.
  22. Have a treehouse in my adult backyard.
  23. SKYDIVE!!!!
  24. Run a half marathon.
  25. Run a marathon.
  26. Ride over sand dunes on a four-wheeler.
  27. Visit Blyde River Canyon in South Africa.
  28. Marry a guy who is somehow able to surprise me.
  29. Become a fitness instructor (body pump!).
  30. Do a collaborative business or charity endeavour with my super talented sisters Madeleine and Olivia.
  31. WWOOF for at least a week.
  32. Be a part of a presidential campaign.
  33. Do a homestay in Tibet.
  34. Walk through the bamboo forest in Japan.
  35. Rescue a dog.
  36. Visit Niagara Falls.
  37. Go to Coachella.
  38. Run the Disney princess half marathon.
  39. Attend the Kentucky Derby.
  40. Rent a pickup truck and pretend to be a southern girl for a road trip through Texas (Magnolia Farms stop included!).
  41. Take a cooking class.
  42. Go on a camping trip in a US national park with my best girlfriends.
  43. Have a sweet studio apartment in DC.
  44. Have a bachelorette weekend in Charleston.
  45. Go to the Olympics.
  46. See the rainbow mountains in South America.
  47. Ditch my phone and computer for a whole weekend.
  48. Go to a Coldplay concert.
  49. Give a “just because” gift.
  50. Serve on a nonprofit board.