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Hi there!


My name is Hannah, and I’m the girl behind The Yellow Pages. I’m 22, born and raised in Washington, DC, and have spent some time living abroad in the great cities of Wellington, New Zealand and Stockholm, Sweden. I wear a necklace every day that says Carpe Diem, and as cliche as that sounds, I try to squeeze every last drop out of each day to make it memorable and fun. I’m living in Cape Town, South Africa, at the moment, so that’s been a pretty cool place to seize the day so far.

I am a proud Ivy League grad, with a BA in Political Science and MS in Nonprofit Leadership, and some big plans. In the meantime, I’m enjoying days filled with travel, cooking, tea, good books, spontaneity and adventure.

A note on the name: not the most complicated of origins. Mostly, I just love the color yellow, and have been told my personality exudes it (at least some of the time, I hope!) I also feel that the name lends itself to the multifaceted nature of this blog: travel tips, products, recipes, book reviews, and more. Sort of like what you’d find in that monstrous yellow phonebook. Dialed up. 🙂

The Yellow Pages is my happy place. I hope it becomes one for you too!


Hannah Greene

The Yellow Pages Blog